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Monday, February 21st, 2011

So, Today is president’s day. Matt had the day off from work so he took Richard and myself to brunch. On our way home, some idiot in a ridiculously large SUV pulled out against traffic to cut Matt off. He says… “Dude, you had oncoming, learn to drive” And Richard, in the backseat started in with “Yeah dude… whatcha doing dude, daddy you’re a dude, where’s the dude, ….”  They don’t call this stage the “little parrot” stage for nothing.

At least his word of the week isn’t “Disgusting” anymore. Or as he says… “Igusting” Bless their hearts, the women at the daycare are trying to help us with getting Richard potty trained. They tell him “EWWwww… that’s disgusting” every time they change a diaper. Which would probably work if it made him think badly of the whole deal. Instead, Richard likes the word so much it’s become a game. While I’m not overly worried about the potty training being on a timer, I’d sure be happy when there are no more diapers….. sheesh.