Monday, December 31, 2007

From December 8, 2007


I love the seasons. I love the reminder that there’s more to what’s going on in the world than what’s going on with me personally. The smell of the earth as it comes to life in spring, the dazzle of the butterflies and songbirds as they awaken the flowers, fresh cut grass in summer, the smell of falling leaves in autumn, and lastly, the crisp cool air of the first winter’s snow all serve to remind me that there’s a huge world out there. I know of at least one person who fails to understand that most all of the time. Tis a pity, for when things go wrong, that person always seeks the same type of comfort……And this next time, will be more than sorely disappointed.

My favorite seasons are Autumn and Spring. They hold the most awareness for me. Summer can be so stiflingly hot that it’s difficult for me to read the earth or feel the deep pulsing of the world around me. Winter is sometimes so cold it’s difficult for me to get around with a permanently displaced hip. But Spring… when the trees wake, the bulbs burst from the ground, and the bleak, cold death of winter breaks….. I can feel it. I can smell it. My husband can put his hands on trees and know they are happy or well. Because of this awareness, we are bringing down 4 trees in our own yard this year to make room for those which are still healthy. The sick ones will be put up to dry and used for firewood, so their lives will not be wasted. I plant all kinds of things, and transplant others to more suitable places in the yard for better health of both the plant and the yard itself. Autumn is the time of rest for plants. The trees stop forcing growth and allow their leaves to fall in graceful dignity of color and scent. I actually love to rake leaves simply for the smell. We feed the song birds (and ultimately, the already obese squirrels). We listen to the Broad shouldered hawks on the top of the hill as they call, and when the neighborhood deer come, we sit in the window and watch their beautiful stillness as they stand so peaceful grazing on the overgrown vegetation I have left just for that purpose in the back yard.

I live in the city, yet, I live in a part of the country where just over the hill one could get lost in the deer trails for a good long time. I like it here. Of all the places I’ve lived (and there are more than listed on the profile), where I am now feels most like home. The people here have good hearts, many of them are very old souls who have much to teach. Though I am far from many whom I care deeply for and about, I am happy here. I wouldn’t trade my life as it is now for anything. We don’t always have a lot, but the love we have and the times we share with each other here amaze me sometimes. My son, stepson and the one on the way always prove to be a challenge, but they are worth every minute, even if extremely frustrating sometimes.

The world revolves, as the seasons do….. and wrap us within them……. may we all share experience to the fullest those things which remind us there’s more to the world than that face we each see in the mirror each day.

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