Mommy and Daddy Day (posted to lj on 10-29-2005)

Saturday, when I don’t have to work is what Connor calls “mommy and daddy day”. It’s his favorite day of the week. He gets us both all day and most of the night. Now that Chris is living with us also, he has Chris all day too. Except Chris is at his grandparents’ house tonight. It’s usually a day we do things together. Read, play games, work in the yard, go for walks at Coonskin or Kanawha S.Forest. But…..

Connor was vomiting nonstop this morning. So, we took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with Adenovirus. Sometimes has a bacterial component. We now have an anti-imetic and some decongestants. No more vomiting and his appetite came back this afternoon. We’re forcing fluids and Connor seems just fine. I just hate it when he’s sick though. He’s sick so seldom that when it does happen, I worry a whole lot.

So Daddy went gaming over in Elkview at Riffle’s. I stayed here with the 5 cats, 1 dog, 2 parrots and Connor. Connor helped me carve 3 pumpkins. I have two more to do. Aside from dressing up for the kids, carving pumpkins is my favorite part of All Hallows. That and my circle in the middle of the night every year. Now the dog thinks I smell like food. It’s pretty funny. This dog will eat anything, and has… i won’t go into that now. He ate a piece of carved pumpkin tonight though.

So, I’ll be up most of the night until Matt gets home. Then I have a 14 hour shift tomorrow. I’m still looking to trade Monday night with someone, but doubt I’ll have much luck with it.

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