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Warning…. the following has the transcripts directly off the website for WCHS news in Charleston, WV. And after that, is my response in email to that station. It is not pretty, nice or fun.
from Eyewitness News Online

Woman Who Saved Dog Known For Helping Others
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 To Jeremy Williams and his dog Toby, Ruth Diller is a lifesaver. To the people who know and work with her, she’s way more than just a good Samaritan.

“She’s a humanitarian of the first class. It doesn’t matter if it’s animals, or if it’s people, whatever the cause, she’s always there to help.” Kackie Eller has worked with teacher Ruth Diller for years. When she found out Mrs. Diller stepped in to pay for this pit bull’s medical bills, Eller says she wasn’t a bit surprised. “She just rises to the cause. Anytime she sees an animal in need, or a person with an animal that needs help. That’s just her nature,” said Eller.

Nine-year-old Toby was hit with two arrows during a break-in at Jeremy Williams’ Cross Lanes home. He reached out for help because he couldn’t pay the medical bills for his dog.

Diller volunteered immediately–a trait her colleagues say carries over into the classroom. GWHS principal Missy Ruddle says, “She teaches them the things that are important in life, about being a good citizen.”

She collects spare change from students, to show how much they can help out in the community.

Ruddle said, “She wants kids to learn to care about other people, and to care about animals, and to care about just anything on this Earth.”

Butch Townsend also works with Diller. She convinced him to keep a stray cat he picked up, and taught him how to responsibly take care of it. Now, as president of the Eagles Club, he pays that kindness forward. He says they take up collections of supplies like newspaper, food, and more for local animal shelters. “She’s rubbed off on me,” he said of Diller.

We couldn’t catch up with her this morning, but her friends tell us even though Diller usually likes to do things for other people anonymously, the good deeds don’t go unnoticed.

We got an outpouring of support from Eyewitness News viewers to help Jeremy Williams. He expressed his deep gratitude for everyone’s support.

Toby is recuperating at home.

my response:


Before you go off half cocked without the whole story, try researching for a change.  What you don’t know about the idiot with the pit bull is the following;

That guy demanded… DEMANDED free treatment because he’s a veteran.  He’s not disabled, He’s not infirm, he can get a job like everyone else.  The man THREATENED the doctor at the clinic. He was also verbally abusive.  THE CLINIC had to call the cops on him  The man was so drunk he could barely stand and the girl with him had a history of drug abuse.  The COPS told us this.  The clinic is not a 24 hour clinic. It is open when all the other day practices are closed.  The dog tried to eat our clinic blood donor cats.  It had to be muzzled to work with it at all. The clinic was going to offer free meds,  but the owner stormed out of the clinic of his own free will before we could prepare them. The clinic did NOT send the dog home to die. That was his choice.  Under the law, we could have possibly pressed animal cruelty charges for the client leaving without treatment for the dog or allowing humane euthanasia and letting his dog suffer of his own free will.

You made it look like all we care about is money when we work with animals. That is not true. If it were, everything we did would be for free. But supplies, equipment and people willing to work every holiday on the calendar, getting compensation pay for only 6 of them, working nights weekends and giving up pretty much any kind of social life to work with people like that cost money. Getting punched in the face, bitten by a dog for entering the exam room in the wrong color shirt, and having your car vandalized at your workplace…. does that sound like we are there for the money? Does it sound like all we care about is a paycheck? WE still come back. We come in sick. So sick that after the shift is over, THEN we go to the ER for ourselves.  THAT is what our clinic and what we do is about.

It’s about compassion. It’s about doing the right thing by the animal under the constraints given us by the law and keeping the clinic out of the red. NO one wants to turn away an animal in need. But honestly, pets are like children in they are NOT A RIGHT. They are a privilege. If you cannot feed them, care for them and give them the home they deserve, DON’T HAVE ONE. Stick around sometime when a pet comes in covered from shoulder to tail in maggots 3 days old, smelling of death and is literally being eaten alive. In so much pain it can’t function and all because the owner manages to put water in a pan once a day and maybe food if it’s lucky. Then when the food doesn’t disappear, they think maybe something is wrong…. and wait until the animal has suffered for so long and has so much internal damage, tissue damage and smells like death, that the only thing we can do is end its pain. THEN tell me all we care about is money while we cry silently as we shave the animal to see the true extent of the damage, knowing it’s the second animal from the same family in a week to end up like this. Come listen to me, personally sing every animal I help put to sleep off to a better place. Then spend the next ten minutes watching the tears silently roll down my face as I file it away and take it home in my crumbling heart.

Years ago I started in college under the journalism department in another state. After my first semester, I dropped it. This kind of un-researched, half-assed, get a story at all costs in order to sell a paper/story is unconscionable and I couldn’t stomach it. That anyone can is truly mind boggling.


And people wonder why I hate reporters…..


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