Opinions, freedom of speech and being appropriate

With all the crap going on at the clinic lately, I really feel like I’ve been thrown under the bus by people. First with vacation, now with insurance. I’m being told one thing, and then the next person tells me something else. Since there is no written handbook with rules and regulations for the clinic other than memos of heated doctors getting off on their individual power trips, it’s he said/she said in the clinic. Oh How I MISS you Dr. Hersman.  You have no idea.

In my frustration I posted something to my FB account about putting a picture of my boss’s face on my pell and repeatedly beating it with my sword until I felt better. Apparently people who don’t know me well, haven’t bothered to GET to know me and who think they know everything that is appropriate ratted me out to said boss. She then called me to ask me if I did say that. Well, since I didn’t put a NAME, just said “my boss”, it could have been any of the doctors, but I told her that yes, I said that. She started laughing. She thought it was funny.

Now the Dr. who saw it and told her …… is the same doctor whom I watched yank a dog by the collar off the treatment table to the floor, and proceed to threaten, hit and show it the back door and the river. The entire time she was telling the dog she was going to throw it in the river because it was being unruly and it was scared. So…. tell me, WHO did something inappropriate?  I posted an opinion, a frustration and what I had thought at the time might make me feel a little bit better.  Who among us had never said something like “Oh they make me so mad I could just kill them sometimes” or “I could just smack the stupid out of them” or something along those lines? Because if you sit there and tell me you’ve never thought, written it down, said it out loud or acted on those feelings, you are lying to me and I have no respect or use for you.

So, now only 3 or 4 people have access to my FB account from work. If something I post gets back to people, I know who did it and can act accordingly. And believe me, I will. I’m done being betrayed and thrown under the bus by people I thought were trust worthy. Y’all have fair warning now. Either buck up or shut the fuck up!


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