Spring with the roaring winds, bringing change

Yesterday morning, it was 68 degrees outside at 7:30am. The sky was gray with patches of blue and very dark clouds on the horizon. Within 2 hours, the wind had picked up a great deal. The house became darkened and thunder could be heard in the distance. Trees bowed and whipped their branches in our yard as the rain began to come down in sheets. As the front moved through, the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Spring made its appearance to remind us of what is to come.

This morning as I walked the dog before attempting to sleep for the day of my overnight shift, I noticed the Daffodils forcing their way through the earth under the big oak tree outside the living room window. The Crocus will soon follow. It frosted last night, so the new leaves on my Butterfly bush might not make it. We shall see. The frozen earth wakes as the days become longer. Songbirds seem confused as they chirp away at 2am.

I am getting ready for 2 major cooking weekends. I’m behind in school, I joined a gym and have been there every day but one since. I’m trying to put more into my days than I have hours for….. the house needs a good shoveling of crap to the curb. My oldest cousin whom I have not seen in 20 years or more is coming to visit at the end of the month. My mother has cancer at age 74. My 17 year old step son will not graduate High School this year due to his own anal-cranial inversion problem and he’s just now figured out what it means that he truly fucked up. It’s going to be another wild ride this year….

On top of all that, enter a newly made close friend? Or someone I thought of as a close friend who later gave me an ultimatum as if he were my commanding officer. It didn’t go over very well and I’ve pretty much decided he’s a selfish bastard in many ways. Also enter friend of many years, and crush as well….. having difficulties of his own and needing a sounding board. He is someone I can honestly say is not selfish in any way and sometimes suffers for it. I am doing the best I can to help him through……. but words aren’t always enough…. it bothers me I cannot do more.

My own family and herd of fuzzy creatures is healthy and happy. The brothers fight and scream, yell and hit as boys do. The older seems to think he’s the parent when he can’t even manage his own laundry or keep his homework straight. the baby is…. well the baby and still at the age where everything should revolve around him…. according to him. My oldest is truly amazing to me every day. I often wonder if I am a good mom, a decent wife or even a good friend. but I am truly blessed with the people in my life and thank the Lord and Lady every day for the parts they all play within it. I always want to be more…. do more, just never seem to get to it all. I am half way through my life and there’s still so much more to do. So many more things to appreciate, see, experience, teach and love.

Ahhhhh Spring….. awakenings, change and revalations

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