The Journey Begins

Well, 5 months into a 6 month pre-qualification and it’s becoming real.  Workbook ordered.  More research to do.  I’m excited, nervous and a little fearful. But I can do this.  I have to do this.  This is for me, to save my own life. Not a lot of people know, and not a lot will.  They will judge, be rude, heartless and not bother to try to understand.  So it’s not their business.

I’m impatient for the end result, but know it will take time.

In other news, I have the opportunity to pick up a car I have always wanted.  Not the year I’ve always wanted but a restored VW bug can be extremely pricey and if it’s a true restore, the engine sucks.  I don’t have the kind of money to put the Porche engine in one so…..  newer model it is if I can swing it.  Never thought much of the color on this one until now.  Going to look at it this weekend and see what I can do.

nothing earth shattering today.  Just random musings of the Littlehawke…..






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